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Red Sorghum

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In addition to possible nausea, vomiting, headache, and weight gain or loss (Schering Chemicals advertisement for Eugynon 30 Microgynon 30) the Pill also is responsible for:

* Increased blood pressure (hypertension)

* Impaired vision, Increased risk of stroke or heart attack, even with new "low" dose pill

* Possible link to cancer of reproductive organs

* Possible link to breast cancer

* Increased risk of gall bladder disease

* Increased danger of developing liver tumors

* Difficulty in conceiving after discontinuing use of pill

* Residual risk of heart attack, even after discontinuation of long-term use

* Reduced blood levels of essential vitamins

* Development of depressive personality changes



Ш HeadacheШ Increased menstruationШ Light or no menstruationШ Menstrual crampingШ Weight gain or lossШ NauseaШ Vaginal drynessШ Local skin irritation Ш Severe headachesШ Very heavy bleeding (twice as long or as much)Ш Severe, constant pain in the chest, leg, or bellyШ Skin or eyes that become unusually yellow (jaundice)Ш Loss of sensation in arms or legs


1. Can't Live in the Closet, Inc. (CLIC)

2. Damayan ng Maralitang Pilipinong Api (DAMPA)

3. Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP)

4. Demographic Research and Development Foundation (DRDF)

5. IMA Foundation

6. Medecins Sans Frontieres-Belgium (MSF-Belgium)


8. DKT Phils.

9. Family Planning Organization of the Phils. (FPOP)

10. FriendlyCare Foundation

11. Institute



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