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MBAA Consulting Business Plan Proposal

Brandon D. Staff

Lise-Mariel Pilier

Marlo Arturo


Assist the management team from S-Tech with challenges that GES faces with regards to the implementation of the ERP implementation. CEO wants us to establish an efficient implementation and begin orientation immediately.

Proposal Summary

MBAA mission is to restructure S-Tech’s organizational department issues and job descriptions, analyze competitors and financial costs, and reduce the silo mentality in departments.

Business Description

MBAA Consulting caters to businesses interested in scaling their business and future growth in all aspects. Our major focus is to implement client specific solutions. Each member of our consulting firm is a seasoned business leader and expert in their field. Our experience in real world industry and expertise is what we deliver and pride ourselves in. MBAA consulting team have all worked exclusively with organizations in need of deeper change and in the end the results help facilitate a better organization work process. All three members of MBAA have obtained MHR, MBA, and come with over 5 years of business development. We have enhanced organization’s structure, increased revenue, and delivered our promise of  focused leadership.


Our short-term services will leave a long-lasting positive impact in your business. With choosing our firm we will only further your success.  After our services the CEO will have a board of directors including a Vice President of Operations, CFO, and other departmental management.  Due to the implementation of the software we also will implement a department for IT for direct communication with further contact for future reference for ERP software.  Our vision also will be to analyze the competition and see their costs in relation to all business relations such as marketing, employee relations, performance, and leadership.  Collaborating among all department within S-Tech and reducing the silo mentality.

Behaviors/Facts Observed

  • Employees reluctant to work together
  • Employees are not accepting to change and new product
  • Business is being beat by competition

Impact of behaviors

  • Possibility of company bankruptcy due to decline of revenue
  • Breakdown of communication
  • Lack of Trust within organization


Integrate the same system for every department, restructure the organization, reclassify job descriptions, reassign and confirm the right people are in the right positions, adding a Vice-President to oversee all operations of the organization.


  • Restructure of the organization-
  • Chris Jones remains as the CEO and will oversee the company.
  • Pat will be promoted as Vice President of Operations and also collaborate as CFO. Pat is well knowledge in business analysis, modeling, trends, and welcomes the ERP system implementation. MBAA hopes to also use their employment HR Department to assist S-Tech to hire more finance, accounting, and economics majors as part of a new Finance department. This will impact Pat as CFO and assist Pat to run operations effectively and be able to report to Chris. Due to the frustration with Terry and disagreements we need to evaluate Terry’s employee engagement moving forward.

  • Terry started the company with Chris. MBAA personal opinion is that Terry may not be ready to step in the future with S-Tech new changes. Therefore, rather than terminate we suggest having step as head of employee relations or Human resources. Terry does not believe in micro managing, originally had the idea to increase the number of supervisors and internal inspectors. It is our recommendation that Terry be promoted to employee relations. He believes in the company and knows it from the beginning. Terry should also be budgeted to hire on a small team for assistance. Most likely HR generalist and employee/staff recognition specialist.

  • Sandy’s role will be in sales and marketing, Sandy is optimistic about the capabilities of the new system. Sandy believes in a team atmosphere and has worked with Design and Development and Field Operations. It our recommendation that Sandy be Sales Project Manager. It is suggested that Sandy and Pat work more closely together to mend any communication barriers they have. As Vice President and Sales Project Manager, the two will have to work closely. Sandy has stated that Pat tends to centralize the power. With the VP Title that may occur but with proper consulting from MBAA we can have monthly team building and leadership camps for both.  Sandy will also have to budgeted to hire at least two more team members to assist on day to day tasks.
  • Sam has in charge of design and development of the electronic systems with vendors. Sam has managed logistics and has been with the company forever 15 years. MBAA recommends that Sam stay and be promoted to Logistics Tech Manager. Sam will also need to be budgeted two additional hires for his team.
  • Competitors and Company’s Financial issues
  • MBAA researched two other local competitors W-SAFE Industries and FL Metro Services.  Both companies have over 500 employees, IPOS, Board of Directors, have several channels in relation to marketing, and are all technologically y advance with up to date software. Internally they seem to have a great operational structure with low retention issues. MBAA recommends reaching S-Tech to a higher level.
  • Breaking down Silos within the company

1.Create a unified vision with the Leaders along CEO Chris

2. Work towards a common goal-develop a mission statement with S-TECH

3. Motivate incentives-reward and motivate -Terry will be in charge

4.Execute measures-Have Pat analyze

5. Collaborate and Create-among all other employees within the company. Group meetings will be needed.



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