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Recommended Daily Allowance

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Recommended Daily Allowance

How does the Food Guide Pyramid assist individuals wanting to plan a healthy daily menu? The food guide pyramid helps everyone plan a healthy daily menu by giving a set guideline of what types and how much of each food group to be consumed a day for a healthy diet. By following these guidelines the individual person can have a healthy diet rich in the nutrients he/she needs every day. Eating the proper amounts of the various food groups will help a person to control their weight and maintain a healthy intake of vitamins and minerals the body needs daily.

What are some advantages of using the Food Guide Pyramid? Some of the advantages to using the food guide pyramid is the knowledge that comes with utilizing the food guide that you are giving your body all of the nutrients that is needed daily. Another advantage is when you are also physically active daily weight loss or weight management is easily achieved. This is a major consideration among a large part of the population today. With the increased pressure of jobs and family for a lot of people this is an increasing factor to eat healthier. Our live styles are not the same as they were 30 years ago where a larger percentage of working adults was more active in their jobs. A large percentage of jobs today are behind a desk and not out physically working. This has caused a major increase of obesity amongst the population of the United States.

What are some criticisms of using the Food Guide Pyramid? Some of the criticisms about the food guide pyramid is the amount of food required. The food guide for most people is more than they can consume healthy. The food guide is out of date with most of today's society and calorie intake. This guide was first crafted and utilized in the 1970's based off of nutrient needs from 1968. This guide has not been updated since this time.

Based on your personal fitness level, age, sex, and weight management goals, what are the recommended daily servings that you should consume from each food group listed on the pyramid? With my personal fitness level in my eyes leaves much to be desired, of course I am basing this off of my military experience where we was required to be able to run three miles in 18 minutes for maximum points. Before running we were also required to be able to do 80 crunches in two minutes and 20 dead hang pull-ups. My current fitness level is not up to par with these since the injury to my back limits my abilities to compete in this level of fitness. My age, sex and weight is right along with the last weight chart I saw. At my last weighing I was two-hundred and twenty pounds, at six foot two inches and thirty-six years old I am at a normal some might even say healthy weight and size. My personal daily servings that I should consume from each food group are: two servings of milk and cheese, two servings from the meat, five servings of vegetables, two servings of fruit and 3 servings of bread, cereals and rice group. I have to cut down on the cereals and rice groups because they tend to bloat me.

In thinking about your typical daily diet, how does it compare with the recommendations



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