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Ready Player one - Book Review

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‘Ready Player One’ Essay

In Ready Player One, we have the main character Wade Watts who lives in the real world. Wade battles with the positive image of a virtual reality, and the shocking truth of real life. He is a teenager who lives with his aunt in a trailer home, he doesn’t like his aunt whatsoever. She is always trying to ruin things for him, and getting her boyfriend take away Wade’s ‘old, used laptops’ that I filled with episodes of shows from the 80’s. Wade Watts I think is obsessed with virtual reality because no one has to know who he actually is and he doesn’t have to get made fun of. This is why in the book there is a virtual School that everyone goes to and they can create their avatar how ever they want.

I honestly enjoyed this book, the whole virtual reality thing was interesting. This is a year where Virtual reality is coming to light. We have virtual goggles and we have virtual video games. In the book, it is the year 2045 and Wade Watts is into the whole virtual reality thing, and he logs into the ‘Oasis’ which is pretty much a video game that was created by this man James Halliday, who did pass away. Before Halliday passed, he created a video saying that he left an easter egg in the ‘Oasis’ and he wants everyone to participate and look for this easter egg. Wade was one of the millions of people who actually watched the video, and he eventually became a ‘gunter’, which is an Egg Hunter. Wade made a whole bunch of friends while being in the virtual world ‘Oasis’.

In the world ‘Oasis’, it stresses the importance of School education. Whatever is done there is supposed to help the students learn. If I could go to a school like that, I definitely would.

Many schools have problems in the real world, but in a School like ‘Oasis’ everything gets fixed instantly. Wade rather go to a School like this because in the real world he gets picked on a lot. With the School in the virtual world, he gets to be someone else, and he makes himself look different and he feels more confident about himself.

Even though this world of ‘Oasis’ wasn’t even real, Wade’s actions there had consequences. While he was on the egg hunt, he finds the first key, and then he was approached by Sorento. This was an employee from Innovative online Industries (iOi). Sorento wanted Wade to assist him in finding the first key and of course Wade refused. Finding this egg, almost had Wade get killed, for real. As long as we exist in the real world, we’re not protected by the real world consequences from our actions online.




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