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Ray Bradbury's Science Fiction Masterpiece Fahrenheit

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Essay Preview: Ray Bradbury's Science Fiction Masterpiece Fahrenheit

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Ray Bradbury's science fiction masterpiece Fahrenheit

451 is a classic tale about a man named Guy Montag and his inner stuggles. When the story begins, Guy is happily married and works for the government as a firefighter: a firefighter whose job is to burn down the homes of people who own books, which are illegal. He enjoys doing this, savoring the warmth of the flames and the thrill of destruction, but after a while he perceives the shallowness in himself and begins to wonder why people can't read books. Meanwhile, his wife (I forgot her name :) lives solely for the world within their walls, for walls in this time are television screens, and the have optic sensors so people can see what you're doing (so it's like interacting). Guy begins to worry about people becoming so withdraw from the real world and starts to feel distant from his wife. He eventually meets a man (again, forgot the name) who secretly owns books and befriends him. The man tells Guy that he and some associates memorize books for the sake of preserving their knowledge. At the end of the story, Guy gets hunted down by police and runs off with "the man"'s friends down an old abandoned railroad. I suppose the moral is supposed to be freedom is sacred and that you should always exercise your right to express yourself and your opinions and now I'm just adding a few words to bring me up to 150 (hee hee) so I can join and get this book report I need...



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