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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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Essay Preview: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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The New York Times said, “Frightening in its implications, Mr. Bradbury’s account of this insane world, which bears many alarming resemblances to our own, is fascinating.” Similar to the science fiction novel, Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury, the world sees many

“frightening implications” and “alarming resemblances” every day. For example,

in the novel, everyone wants to go fast in life, there are technological advancements such as robot dogs and parlor walls, the control of the government, and the media controls information that they give. In our world today, we have made robots, people want everything to be faster, people are always on their phones, the government has a lot of control, and media controls our information. There are many ways the book shows resemblances to our world today.

In the novel, people have adapted to a life centered around quickness. They have fast moving cars, so fast that everything

you pass looks like a blur of color, they have fast technology, and everyone

wants the fastest new inventions. In our world, people want everything to be

faster. People want technology to be faster cars and transportation. In both the

book and the novel, people just want everything to be fast, instead of enjoying

the time that different things take.

Another resemblance between in the book and in

real life is our technologies. In the novel, they use robot dogs as spies and

hitmen, and parlor walls that suck up all of people's time. In our world, we

are advancing technologically, and have even made mechanical humans that could

possibly be changed and used in a different manner in the future. People in our

world have become addicted to their cell phones, which like parlor walls, take

up most of the society's time. The technologies in the book and in our own

world have changed how people live their daily lives.



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