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Raps Case

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You show up at the worn place worng time start spraying the worn rimes.i am dropin lines so sit down shut up and listen to whats wirten on the pice of paper,look at u werain the hats n shoes thinkin ur gansta when u look like a wanna waksta im standin here thorin these lyrics at you and I don't think yu understand my dad needs the beer can surgcaly removed form his hand.we get home n barely have food what else is there to do just here scerming,wishin for that day to come true,why dose it fell like I miss yu but ur gone n this just song fells like I am hoding my life in one hand n the love form yu in another my lifes going down the gutta fells like I gotta stand on the strett to get 50 cents n dam wheres all my friends oh wait I don't need yu after everything u seen me go thourghjust take a walk in my show I show u nah why don't I just tell yu yu used to be my ride or die or was the just a life life always fells like ima colasps,but all of it is just in my bed I cant sleep in my bed with out worrin about what could happen next I have been called a slut n hoe I cant even go to school no mo,but I aint trnna make u mad I am just trnna make u sad I know that aint right to do but look at all the shit u put me though cant take it anymore I wanna kepp on crying over u but I don't have nothing else to do u where my whole world but fuck u n all ur homegirls my sista form another mista ha never mind that whats the rumoer ur gunna hear that I am on crack all this shit is just wack I am done with it n this is a rime its just a wast of time.



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