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Random Passage

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In the first chapter Lavinia, Ned, Meg, Jennie, and other main characters are introduced, and says Lavinia wants to go back home, but finds out later that Lavinia will not make it back home to England because she can't face another five weeks on a vessel crowded with many other people that can't take care of themselves properly. Lavinia also says she sees everything on the Cape as being black and dreary. Then it says that hazel got sick from on there way to the Cape. Then it says Lavinia blamed Ned for bringing them to the Cape, and on page 16 theres even proof of Lavinia saying this- "It's Ned's wickedness that's brought us to this place and I will never forgive him." Then it mentions that Lavinia is the only person in her family that can read or write. Then We find out about the good and quiet life that the Andrews family had back on Monk Street in Weymouth, in England. Lavinia misses her old life there where she had a job as a maid in the Ellsworth House, she was the only maid that could read and write so she worked in a different place than any of the other maids in the house. Around the end of the chapter it tells us of the hard times that everyone faced while crossing the Atlantic Ocean, like when Hazel went into early birth and not being able to keep any food down. The chapter ends by the Andrews family landing on Cape Random after five long weeks on a ship. Lavinia's made some expectations of how she saw the people living there, and some of them were right, but they were not covered in paint and skulls but rather similar to themselves. The last thing important thing in the chapter is that Lavinia will have no part in making preparations for their accommodations while staying on Cape Random.



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