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Random Passage Written by Bernice Morgan

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Essay Preview: Random Passage Written by Bernice Morgan

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The novel "Random Passage" written by Bernice Morgan is not built around the plot she uses characterization to attract the readers' attention. The typical culture of any time there are differences between the younger generation and the older generation for their experiences as well as their worldviews. This novel is a particularly good example of this because from the beginning to end of the novel it goes through one generation as they age and the next (their children) as they grow as well. The characters I will be using to prove that this exists in "Random Passage" are Lavinia Andrews and Annie Vincent.

Lavinia Andrews hated the idea of coming to the cape and blamed all of it on Ned Andrews her brother for being forced to leave Weymouth. She was a very long time forgiving her brother Ned for making the family move to the Cape. You know she will never make it back to Weymouth because she can not endure another 5 weeks upon the vessel crowded with people who can not wash or take care of themselves properly. The older generation especially Lavinia and never seems to get used to the Cape, she ends up having no children and never getting married. The younger generation like living on the Cape but it is something they are used to they had never lived in Weymouth. She is the only person who can read and write first on the Cape and later becomes the first school teacher to help the younger generation. Lavinia wasn't a very social character in the book, who kept mostly to herself and wrote a journal about everything that happens on the Cape.

As for Annie Vincent she enjoys herself on the Cape is very social with the other generation and is very open. Ida Norris does little tricks that Sarah Vincent believes are related to Frank Norris her brother and Annie's adultery. Ida tries to kill Annie but doesn't succeed. Annie after a forced confession by Sarah Vincent by Sarah she decides she will no longer have anything to do with Frank Norris. Annie later becomes a fish hunter. She gets rid of all her female clothes and starts to dress like a man and does men's work. When Ida Norris dies Annie puts on her one dress and goes to purpose to Frank Norris and the two get married.

The Two characters Lavinia Andrews of the older generation and Annie Vincent from the younger generation each have different experiences and worldviews. Lavinia who went through



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