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Racism in General View

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Nowadays, there are thousand of races exist in the world. Different races can live in one country. Basically, the various races can bring a country more international talents. People define the term “race” in different way such as distinguish people’s race with their skin color or as Kanchan writes that “fewer people believe in the inherent genetic superiority of one “race” over another”(Course Material Week Ten). However, some people think that their country can only accommodate one race, so they are not very satisfied other races live in their own country. Therefore, “racism” has occurred in all countries. Especially in western countries, racism case happened very often. Racism will make an unequal treatment among white person and non-white person. Also, racism can result a hate crime occur. Racism is shaped by four main elements such as racialization, prejudice, discrimination and power.

Firstly, racism can define as one race’s people discriminate or have prejudice to the other races’ people. Usually, the victims of racism do not get any respect from the racists. The first element of racism is racialization which “certain groups of people as biologically superior or inferior”( Steckley and Kirby Letts 203). For example, in the 16th century, European sold the black people to other countries as slave. It shaped the unequal institution to the black people because the white person has sovereign position, but the black people can only live as lower class. The second element of racism is prejudice, which the racists have wrong stereotyping other group of people. The third element of racism is discrimination that racists would like to insult the other races people in action or language. Finally, power is the fourth element of racism that is “manifested when institutionalized advantages are regularly handed to one or more groups over others”( Steckley and Kirby Letts 204). There are lots of racism occur in Canada. For example, in Ontario, compare to the white people, non-white people are more likely stopped by the police when they are driving. Black people are four times higher and police two times higher stops Asian when they are driving. Due to the power of policing, it makes an unequal treatment. Moreover, Asian in western countries always got an unequal treatment and many companies would like to use their product to play a joke on Chinese people. For example, the western cartoons always describe Chinese as an artful



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