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R.M.Williams Australia - Media and Information Kit

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CoMpany overview 4 our founder вЂ" Reginald Murray (“R.M.”) Williams AO, CMG 7 r.M.wiLLiaMS 75th anniverSary CoLLeCtion 8 75th anniverSary MerCHandiSe 10 tHe Legend of doLLar MiCK 12 auStraLian ManufaCturing at itS beSt вЂ" The R.M.Williams factory in Adelaide, SA 13 buSH outfitting вЂ" A brief introduction 14 tHe LongHorn вЂ" And the R.M.Williams benchmark of excellence 15 r.M.wiLLiaMS bootS вЂ" The best leather is our only standard 16 r.M.wiLLiaMS SoLeS вЂ" The heart of a good boot 17 LooKing for a one-off boot? 18 tHe r.M.wiLLiaMS deniM Story вЂ" More than 60 years old and even better 19 tHe r.M.wiLLiaMS StoCK wHip вЂ" All its cracked up to be 20 MoLeSKin вЂ" The unlikely French Connection 21 r.M.wiLLiaMS retaiL StoreS вЂ" A quality retail experience that is growing and expanding 22 r.M.wiLLiaMS wHoLeSaLe вЂ" A whole lot of choice for RM’s bush and city customers 23 r.M.wiLLiaMS Corporate direCt вЂ" For companies that mean business, Australian style 24 r.M.wiLLiaMS export вЂ" Taking R.M.Williams to the world 25 5 perCy St proSpeCt SoutH auStraLia вЂ" R.M.Williams Heritage Home 26 tHe r.M.wiLLiaMS StabLeS at Sydney SHowground 27 tHe r.M.wiLLiaMS LongHorn expreSS вЂ" On the road again 28 r.M.wiLLiaMS outbaCK StoCKMan’S SHow 29 auStraLian outbaCK SpeCtaCuLar 30 wrotHaM parK Lodge вЂ" A stylish journey to Australia’s outback heartland 31 r.M.wiLLiaMS pubLiSHing вЂ" Telling the stories of our outback culture 32 faCtS and figureS 33


r.M.williams was established in australia in 1932 at 5 percy St prospect South australia and is a wholly australian owned company. r.M.williams is unique in the bush outfitting business not only because of the comprehensive range of seasonal and authentic products it sells, but because the company is a manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of these quality goods.



the r.M.williams company was founded and established in 1932 by australian legend, reginald Murray (“rM”) williams ao, CMg. rM was a bushman, camel-boy, drover, grazier, horseman and businessman. He designed and crafted footwear, clothing and leather accessories for the men and women who lived and worked in outback australia. over time, rM and his signature “Longhorn” brand has become strongly associated with australia’s national identity, outback heritage and pioneering spirit. r.M.williams core and seasonal footwear, clothing and accessories are proudly worn by australians in the country and city alike, at work and play, at home and abroad.

COmpANy OveRvIew

r.M.williams is a wholly australian-owned company with a proud history of bush outfitting. for 75 years, the r.M.williams company has manufactured quality footwear, clothing and accessories that reflect australia’s true outback spirit and quintessential australian style. while mail order is still a strong part of the r.M.williams business, the company now distributes its quality products through an extensive network of retail stores as well as its wholesale business in australia and overseas.


r.M.williams quality range of clothing, footwear and accessories have remained relevant to its core outback and rural customers, but have more recently appealed to a broader customer who value quality, authenticity, functionality and style вЂ" regardless of where they live and work. the company releases two seasonal ranges per year to suit our bush and city customers. these ranges include

, Seasonal (men’s and

women’s wear),



(children’s wear) as well as its authentic range of core products that are available all year round.


r.M.williams has continued to grow its retail presence in australia and overseas and now has 27 r.M.williams retail stores in australia. Store locations include Sydney, brisbane, Melbourne, adelaide, perth, darwin, Canberra, Cairns, toowoomba, Longreach, gold Coast and newcastle.

r.M.williams has 4 international stores вЂ" two in new Zealand (auckland, Christchurch), London (102 new bond Street) and new york City (46 east 59th Street, between park and Madison ave).


r.M.williams wholesale business has expanded with the company now supplying more than 1000 stockists across the world. this means only the best retailers at home and abroad stock r.M.williams quality products. these stockists include international airports in australia, speciality men’s and women’s stores, work wear specialists, footwear specialists and saddleries.

r.M.williams also has more than 150 r.M.williams concept areas in australia. Concept areas are developed by r.M.williams and individual stockists where the stockists’ store is specially fitted with branded bays that differentiate r.M.williams products and allows customers to quickly identify the range when they enter the store.


r.M.williams began exporting its famous boots in the late 1940s, however, it wasn’t until the early 1980s that the legendary boots attracted vast attention from international stockists and retailers who had visited australia. following this attention, a significant network of retail stores and stockists were established to sell the famous products abroad. about 15 per cent of the company’s revenue is export based and r.M.williams now exports to 15 countries including new Zealand, the united Kingdom, the united States, Sweden, South africa, Japan and germany.


r.M.williams has become a premium gift choice in the world of diplomacy, international and corporate relations. world leaders, dignitaries, celebrities and Ceos regularly choose r.M.williams boots, leather accessories, books or craft items to ensure their visit or meeting



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