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Purpose Driven Life

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Day 11

In order to remember to think about God, the best thing I can do is to focus. I have a terrible time doing this, but when I'm able it's amazing. I will be able to talk to God if I can accomplish this. A good time for me to attempt this is while I'm walking alone. If I'm not walking with any one there is no reason why I can't be talking to God.

Day 12

Some practical choices that I can make to grow closer to God are that I can let him be in charge of my mind when making life decisions such as where to go to school or where to get a job. Also, I can allow him to help me not worry so much.

Day 13

I think that my private worship is more important, because my public worship should be a reflection of my private worship. If I'm not worshiping the Lord in private I probably won't be worshiping him in public honestly. I will therefore do my best to worship him in private.

Day 14

A good way to keep focused on God's presence is to give up something of the world one night such as going bowling and spending it with him. In doing this I might frustrate myself, but ultimately I will realize who and what are important in my life: God.


An easy way is to call them brother or sister. However, something more difficult would be to give them hugs or to tell them that you love them. I love my family and if my brother and sisters in the lord are my family I need to show them that I love them like I love my family.


I love developing relationships; they are so important. My problem is that sometimes people(women) think I have false motives. This discourages me and I wind up closing myself up to relationships with all different types of people. A way to ensure that they are my first priority is to keep them up by keeping good contact with my friends.

Day 17

Well, since the church is God's family I guess my involvement in church would be a reflection of my commitment to God's family. If I'm going to claim that I love God how can I then say that I don't love his family.



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