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The Life

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People know what they do. If you don't like someone you just go and grave your gun. this is the fist thing people do these days. so if you are bout it just come holla at me. Or go and get your car and do a drive by. those who think they are ganstas need to just prove their self and maybe you might get some sought of look. But if you are not hard don't even be proud of yourself. But for those dudes that look at television all night need to just give up life. If you go to school, and not do anything you are so lame. How can you just not do anything at school. But i often put in car sound in most of my spare time. Or even go see my boo. car sound is so interesting. so many rap stars have extremely awesome car sound systems. so if you need some ideas just go look at a rap stars car or some car shows. jl audio is an excellent audio company. Rockford Fostgate is another superb has great highs also. alpine make the best cd players ever. memphis have some awesome amps. they also have some other great companies.

Messing with females is a males greatest hobby. females give something to a male that other things can not do.they give us an sensational feeling. when you have intercourse with a female you just feel like you are on top of the mountain.when she gets wet it just feels nice and warm when you put it in her. it has that wet mushy feeling that just takes away.



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