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Provision to Resolve Contract Disputes

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Essay Preview: Provision to Resolve Contract Disputes

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Provision to Resolve Contract Disputes

Disputes will first go to direct settlement negotiations between the project's Senior Software Engineer of TeamB Software Developers and the Project Manager of XYZ Telephone Company. If resolution cannot be obtained within a 10 day period further resolution will be sought through the assistance of a mediator who will arbitrate the dispute. The mediator will be chosen randomly from the predetermined list in the Appendix of this document. Both TeamB Software Developers (Provider) and XYZ Telephone Company (Client) agree to hold bi-weekly status meetings to prevent and resolve problems as they surface. Once Production of the software begins, meetings will revert to once a month on the first Monday of each month.

In the event the dispute cannot be settled within a 45 day period, upon mutual agreement between both parties the contract will be terminated. The fifty percent (50%) fee paid by the client at the start of the contract will be vacated. In the event a mutual agreement cannot be reached to terminate the contract, both parties agree the state and federal courts in Little Rock, Arkansas will be the venue to hear the dispute.

Communications and Reporting

Throughout the process of the project, there will be regular scheduled meetings. Management teams from TeamB Software Developers and XYZ Telephone Company will have bi-weekly, face-to-face meetings during the beginning of development. During these meetings, any necessary changes, questionable services, or need to know will be address. When both parties have agreed on the final products to begin production, these meetings will change to a monthly basis. All other meetings or discussions should be communicated via email, telephone conference, video conference, and internet conferences, unless face-to-face is necessary. Each meeting will give a status report to make sure everything is on schedule. The report should be submitted to XYZ Telephone Company the day before the meeting incase questions or concerns has to be addressed.


XYZ Telephone Company can communicate any concerns regarding software bi-weekly during the first phase of development. This will give TeamB Software Developers an opportunity to bring any ideas to the table that were not thought of in the previous



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