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Project Management Institute

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The Project Management Institute (PMI) website offers information that lets the user know how important project management is to the user. PMI is a project management firm that gives its consumers the tools and services that they need to complete and organize projects to produce the best result. The website is laid out to allow the user to see current projects, seminars offered, industry news and past projects.

The content found on the following links of the website provides information on the importance of Project Management in organizations and how vital it is for corporate success.

PMI’s Career Framework for Organizations:

This link provides information on organizations that offer a defined career path to their project managers can retain their project management talent. PMI helps organizations to create a career framework with the necessary tools and resources that will enable the organizations to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their employees.

The following components comprise PMI’s career ladder:

a) Skills and Competencies: PMI helps to identify the Project management skills and competencies that are key factors for job description development by categorizing the skills into competencies of professional, interpersonal and leadership.

b) Assessments: Human Resource departments can utilize the career framework assessment tool to identify employee strengths and weaknesses in order to implement effective training programs.

c) Job Descriptions: As already stated above, the information derived from PMI”s career framework can be utilized by the organizations to develop job descriptions. Organizations that follow a standardized job description policy are able to focus better on the recruitment process for open positions.

d) Professional and Development Activities: PMI provides a range of professional development activities to help organizations as it is important for organizations to help their employees identify networking and training events that enhance their identified project management job description skills.

e) Case studies: PMI also makes use of real life examples to help create better career paths for their project professionals.

Organizational Maturity:

This link defines �organizational project management maturity’ as the degree to which an organization can best manage their projects, portfolios and programs and align them with their strategic goals, which is



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