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Professionl Purpose

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Professional Purpose

Lakisha N. Porch

Baylor University

Author Note

Lakisha N. Porch, Coordinator Baylor Parents Network, Baylor University

This professional writing is for consideration regarding the Coordinator Baylor Parents position.

Corresponding concerning this article should be addressed to Lakisha N. Porch at email


        Almost five decades had passed before I discovered the power of my passions. If I hadn’t been overwhelmed as a single parent, who knows where I would be.  I have a desire for making a difference while giving everyone I meet the christian experience and deep down inside I know I have the drive to fulfill my passion. Through all my life changing events, I have found my professional purpose by seeing the adventure in every assignment, my level of emotional intelligence, and staying true to the vision of the organization.

        The first step I use to find purpose at work is to look at every assignment as an adventure no matter how big or small. Some people view work as a dungeon that is guarded by large fire breathing dragons. Some waste time watching the time clock or finding a way to rush their assignments. While others tend to drift off and lose themselves in the work. It’s hard to find balance in your work because it seems either you are doing too much or not enough. I have found life is easier when you love what you are doing. I find an adventure in my work task by challenging myself to do more and be more every day. One way I challenge myself is by rating my performance. I value customer satisfaction because they satisfaction is what counts. If I have a dissatisfied customer I will go up and above the call of duty to see how we can correct the problem. The second way I challenge myself is by being a team player. I believe that teamwork makes the dream work. I always make myself available to help my coworkers if possible. I know it seems like you are just doing your job. So, you may ask where is the adventure in doing your job?  The adventure is in the endless possibilities. Every day is different and you have a chance to make a make a greater impact than the day before.

        The second step I use to find purpose at work is my level of Emotional Intelligence. During a class, I took an Emotional Intelligence test and scored very high on all sections but my highest score was in empathy. Showing empathy in the workforce is very important and helpful. This skill shows your employer, parent, student that they matter and has helped me drastically in any type of work environment. In the year of 1999, I worked as a hospice health care aide and this job was full of experiences that I will never forget. The challenges on this job helped me learn the importance of my purpose, taught compassion, and helped me see the value of life. I believe these skills helps you in the workplace because it helps you to honor you position. It also brings you to the realization that your life can be over at a blink of the eye. It also encourages to do the best no matter how you are feeling because there is someone depending on you.



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