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Princess Diana

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Princess Diana Spencer

Michelle B Brooks

University of Phoenix

PHL458- Creative Minds and Critical Thinking

Professor M Billups

Diana Spencer is known to the world as "Lady Di" and was the wife of Prince Charles, whom she married on July 29th at the age of 33. Princess Diana has two boys, Prinz William born June 21st, 1982 and Prinz Henry born September 15th 1984. The marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana dissolved on August 28th, 1996 but that did not affect her "Royal" reputation with the entire world.

The world visions just a beautiful, elegant, well-traveled person in Diana. Princess Di immersed herself in camera light when she made public appearances. Nevertheless there was hardly an evening function, hardly a meal, hardly a society duty, for which the Princess was not following a goal: because her goal was money. The princess needed money for children in need, money for people who had nothing more to expect from life and then suddenly did experience more help. Through the serious participation of the Princess of Wales, who at the start of her marriage with the Heir to the Throne had gone calmly from hospital to hospital, been given flowers from nurses and serenades from choirs of children, the theme of being charitable acquired a completely new quality in England (Johnson, 2006).

Members of the Royal Family were always participants in charitable organizations, and also opened homes and hospitals. The voices around the world were saying that there was suddenly someone who really was interested in the suffering of the sick, in their chances of recovery, this interest more or less confused people. Diana involved herself in the world, and by doing that she very rapidly achieved the people's respect.

Diana danced at balls, the gentlemen paid up to жÐ"7000 entrance fee in order to hold her just once in their arms. The People's Princess auctioned her most beautiful dresses in order to help cancer sufferers with the proceeds, and she was also one of the most active people in raising money for the AIDS foundation in her country, plus the Red Cross was more grateful to her than it was possible to express with orders and words. She spoke to and calmed countless sick, and poor. She fought for people who had been victims of landmines (Buruma, 1999).

After her separation and final divorce from Prince Charles, Diana had acknowledged her withdrawal from charitable duties for the time being, but didn't stick to this statement for long. She quickly realized that in spite of her personal needs and problems, the poor and sick in the whole world desperately needed her help. Then after Princess Di met Mother Theresa a close contact developed between the two apparently



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