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Pocahontas: The Indian Princess

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Pocahontas was born in Virginia. She was the daughter of Chief Powatan. Her clan name was Matoaka. Her nickname was Pocahontas. Both names mean \\\"mischievous\\\". She was known for her courage and kindness. When Pocahontas was twelve years old, white men came to Virginia from England. Pocahontas was curious about the English Colonists. Pocahontas played with the children in the English Village they called Jamestown. Pocahontas knew the English were hungry, that they needed food to stay alive. She took food to Colonists and traded with them. She taught the Colonists many things about the Indians. She also taught the Indians about the Colonists. She wanted them to be friends.

John Smith, the leader of the Colonists, and Pocahontas were friends. When the Colonists and the Indians were in a disagreement about a trade, Pocahontas saved Captain Smith\\\'s life. Pocahontas was taken by the Colonists. Powatan knew they would not harm her. She stayed with the preacher. They baptized her and renamed her Rebecca. She married a Colonist named John Rolfe. They had a son named Thomas. Pocahontas went to England to get money to open a school where Indian and English children could study together. She was successful. Before returning home she passed away.

Pocahontas wanted everyone to live together in peace, with respect for one another\\\'s cultures and spirits. That is what I liked most about Pocahontas.



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