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Popular Culture in the Media

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Popular Culture In The Media

The media today has learned that the use of current cultural ideas and beliefs is a strong way to get the consumers attention as well as get their point across. Marketing firms, networks, and production companies have learned that if they culturally relate their product or story to the public, then that would attract more viewers and attention, which in return is money for them. There are many different examples of how marketing firms do this, but is there a movie, show, ad, or song that is just for entertainment only. It is very hard to find a part of the media that is "Entertainment Only" and not trying to portray a part of our cultural beliefs.

The media has a way of portraying what they believe is a problem or their side of an issue. This procedure can sometimes cause the wrong impression or idea within a person's mind. This is not just in the news media, this is also in music, movies, or books. There are many different types of media. The media can range from music, movies, television, books, newspapers, etc. The area that I believe shows the least amount of issues is the music industry, and more specifically the country music industry.

Country music has a history that has brought out many different feelings within people. The sixties, seventies, and eighties showed off Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, George Jones, and Johnny Cash. These artists were part of country that taught about raising hell and rebelling against the norm, which was sometimes culturally un-acceptable. Country then evolved into the eighties and nineties. During this period we saw more songs about just relaxing at a favorite bar or pub or worrying about a late lover. However a more laid back tune, the eighties and nineties still was politically influenced by its predecessor's lifestyle. It wasn't until the change of the century that country music came out with music that was not as harsh or rebellious. This new music that started to come out showed a whole different side to country music. It showed a side that kind of took a "No Worries" philosophy to it. With this new philosophy country music wasn't being as political or culturally influenced as it had been previously before. One recent song that has come out that doesn't really take a political or cultural tone to it is "Keg In The Closet" by Kenny Chesney.

Although the name of the song might be a little different,



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