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Nature and Popular Culture

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Essay Preview: Nature and Popular Culture

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As artwork has become more accepted in popular culture, we begin to see more and more creative artists portray their opinions of what is really going on in today's society. By the rights granted to us based on the foundation of this country, there is the right to release opinions of how the world is viewed. A major part of this is what goes on in the atmosphere of which we live. The environment plays a vital role in the daily lives of citizens of the world and what happens to our environment in the future will continue to have lasting affects on future generations to come. Through artwork, the advertising industry has been releasing more frequent campaigns of what is going on in the world we live with an aspect of how nature is surviving as people are as well. There is an ongoing relationship that we rely on nature just as nature sometimes would seem to fit into our lives more than we would begin to realize. There are usual two sides to every story and it seems that either one is of nature or one is against nature. This is evident in some aspects of television, movies, advertising, and music.

I have found four particular artifacts that exemplify how modern art is of nature. I believe that a portion of this idea is attracting business. In this age of internet commerce and new technology being released more frequently than in the past, there might be a small fear that people will forget about the importance of nature and rely too heavily on technology. Due to this there has been an increase in the amount of advertisements that use themes of nature to market their products and services.

In a recent advertisement campaign of Nike athletic footwear, there is a portrayal of gazelles sprinting through an empty African field. Through the course of the run the gazelles change into men and women sprinting in a marathon race with Nike shoes on their feet. Nike is trying to sell their running shoes by stating that if you buy their product you will have natural speed like these swift animals. Consumers appeal to this by wanting to be as natural as an animal on earth. Gatorade is also responsible for trying to sell a product to consumers by making them think that drinking it will allow them to be fully involved with nature. They do this by naming flavors of Gatorade after certain aspects of nature such as "Cascade Crash", "Glacier Freeze", and "Riptide Rush".



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