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Piracy on the Internet

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Essay Preview: Piracy on the Internet

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Shane Richardson

Burbs: Verizon Wireless seeks 200 workers

Last year Verizon Wireless cut 850 call-center jobs. Yesterday 8/4/05 Verizon Wireless announced they need to fill 200 jobs throughout the New York metropolitan area. Through this year Verizon has hired over 300 people in the New York area. The job requirements are a high school diploma, and at least two years in retail-sales experience. A college degree is desirable.

I think this is a good experience for people who need jobs. It only requires a high school diploma and 2 years retail experience. I mean I have two years retail experience. So all I have to do is graduate highschool and I could start a job within days of when I get my diploma.

Office market giving mixed messages

Major real estate firms are telling different things to one another regarding the availability of office buildings. Some are saying that things are going according to the estimates while others are claiming there is to be a shortage of room soon. Newmark reports and increase in availability while Cushman & Wakefield and CB Richard Ellis report decreases. Operating costs are going to start rising. Supposedly office buildings will be for sale, but different firms still say that a significant change is coming.

This is a bad thing. I think because it will affect office jobs in the near future. When less office buildings are afoot, the less jobs are to be available. Some people might even be laid off. Even though some firms are reporting positive news, other firms are reporting negative news.



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