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P&g Diaper Study

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  1. What types of relevant information did the qualitative study produce?

Procter and Gamble (P&G) used 600 pages of customer feedback which was taken from customers at the point of purchase of diapers. P&G, to get sentiments in the moment, used an online platform for the mothers that allowed them to interact and discuss with each other about diaper fit and size. To understand diaper fit at different differential stage, P&G brought similar size and shape babies to mom’s children so to compare fit data. All this led P&G to target consumers purchase motivation accurately and conclude that moms switch products or adapt to different size and thereby settle for the new product fit. Also, P&G got involved in the continuous reevaluation of its diaper fits for continuous improvement.

  1. Make a specific proposition to improve the design of P&G’s study

Research Aspect

Research Conducted by P&G

Improvements Suggested

Common Purpose

Loss of market share when parents went for purchase of new diaper size


The approach followed by Revelation Global, research agency appointed by P&G, was to have mothers go through the transition of their babies’ diaper sizes, give constant feedback and use this qualitative data to revise its Diaper Fit at different development stages

P&G may also include a competitor analysis of the diaper fits provided by them

Data Collection Approach

The study followed an easy structured format wherein it asked the selected mothers to complete shopping assignments, answer multiple choice questions, respond to open ended questions and to personalize even more upload pictures of various diaper sizes. However, the submission of responses was interactive and in free-form manner.

  1. Study duration can be increased to at least 12 months to get better understanding on the effect of size changes in babies
  2. Track comfort of babies with respect to different diaper sizes

Researcher Independence

P&G used the platform created by Revelation Global to contact the mothers once a week for three months yet consciously make as few interruptions as possible. The research was designed to collect subjective responses and map them to the quantitative data available with P&G.

  1. Video blogs can be added to the platform as it would be easier for mothers to record and post videos compared to writing their thoughts
  2. Host gatherings with the mothers and the babies every fortnight and observe their experiences as well as get their feedback on how the research can be improved


The sample for the research consisted of 12 mothers from diverse geographies.

Sample may also consider the construction of the family i.e. Single Mother, Family with only 1 Child, Family with more than 1 child, etc

Research Design

The research follows an Exploratory research design wherein P&G was closely involved in the research but still the mothers enjoyed full independence. Also, P&G adopted the approach to observe the participants of the study.



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