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Personal Persective Paper

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Personal Perspective Paper

"That which is not acted upon is not learned". This quote was presented during a life-changing seminar attended nearly five years ago. This quote provides the basis for continuing my education. I started my family at a very young age and education was subsequently placed on the back burner. Working and providing for my family took precedence over educational goals. I have always enjoyed learning and even managed to complete many classes, trainings, and certifications over the years. Obtaining a four-year degree always seemed so out of reach until the University called. It would have taken close to 12 years to complete a traditional four-year bachelors program. The University's accelerated program made completing a degree more obtainable for the working adult. I completed my bachelors of business administration degree (BSBA) from the University in July 2006. Pursuing the MBA program took a great deal of thought and consideration.

Continuing on to complete the MBA program was something I began to consider early in the bachelors program and became a definite upon completion of the capstone course. The Capstone course allowed me to revisit my past, present and future goals and continuing my education became very clear. Obtaining my bachelors degree provided a sense of accomplishment and respect that is difficult to describe. While the BSBA would allow me to level the playing field when seeking job opportunities, I was not certain level is where I wanted to be. Learning is exhilarating and allows one to keep the mind active. I have come to realize that learning is a priority in my life. I work in the technology industry where change happens at a rapid pace and the constant change is what keeps me enamored with my career. Continuing on to pursue my MBA just seems like a logical next step in life.

It is my hope that completing the MBA program will provide a greater understanding of the business world. When I look in my crystal ball, I see myself as a business owner. I have always dreamed of owning my own business and working for myself. The one thing that has often held me back from pursuing this dream has been my fear of failing. I was once told, "I create what I fear", and I believe this to be true. I have allowed my fears to prevent me from starting a business. Completing the BSBA program allowed me to realize that I can obtain all my goals. Finishing the



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