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Personal Experience of Football Field

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As I walk onto the football field for the first game of the season I feel the cool air rise up my spine. I feel the energy from my team as we form together as one, we stand in the corner of the field ready to run out. Our helmets give off a brand new polish since we haven’t used them that much, they shine in the light giving us a bright glisten of red and white. We huddle around and form a circle, our captains start a chant and we follow. When the announcer announces us we storm onto the field breaking the sign, when I take my first couple steps onto the turf I can feel the individual pieces of grass start to form around my cleat, it feels like a temper-pedic bed the way my cleats sink in, as I walk onto that field for my first middle school game I remembered the first time I had ever gone onto that field, for a Redskins game, the field had looked like a pro stadium that only men could play on, but I just a little kid not knowing that one day I would be a star on that field and I would be where I was today. I look at the crowd just like I do before every game, I give a little wave to my family so they can hop up to cheer my name. When I see the other team on the other side of the field butterflies form in my stomach, but then I look back at my team and know that we will not be defeated since we have something that most teams don’t have, a bond that can’t be broken, we are a family.

  The night begins with a kick and cheering all around, giving the team excitement and a boost of energy. When we kick the ball it flies into the endzone and the other team receives a touchback. Our defense runs out onto the field to put a halt on the offenses schemes, While I watch I feel the cool air run down my spine again,  It makes me shake. I watch the coach call our play and our linebacker relays it to the rest of the defense. Our sideline starts to get rowdy and we all start to chant, That’s the moment I realized that we were all in this together even though some kids knew they wouldn’t play they still gave it their all on the sideline. The defense got a three and out  stop not letting the other team score and that was my cue to go onto the field. Ten other players and I formed a huddle with our quarterback in front giving us a demand, like a huddle in the choir we listen to what the quarterback says to do he gives us the play and we run to the line of scrimmage.


  In the book A long way gone by Ishmael Beah, A little boy realizes that the world is more than just fun and games. Ishmael describes how life in the country of Sierra Leone had changed dramatically in just a couple of month’s. He was just a little boy enjoying the peacefulness and company of his friends and family, when suddenly everything had changed. As a little boy he had to see things that no kid should ever have to witness, he had to join the war when he was only a young teen and it was something that impacted him and made him fear for his life everyday. He knew that there was death all around and as a kid he had to understand that it was time to become a man and to embrace the fact that he could die at any moment.   As I look at the kid across from me I know he’s thinking what i’m thinking and that is that we are about to go to war and the best man will come out “alive”. Football is a game of  war without death, a group of brothers are fighting for each other in the “trenches” trying to succeed and win the battle against the other teams. Before the ball is snapped everything is at peace, there is nothing but silence on the field which gives me time to think and evaluate about how one mistake could “kill” the unit as a whole, so I take my time to observe the defense and that’s when  I go into my three point. I looked around for a second more to see where I was going to go and who I was going to tear apart. I shout out “ uncovered I got two, I got two” My teammate next to me yells out “ covered I got one, I got one” and everyone else on the o-line follows. Our quarterback calls his cadence and we burst



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