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Personal Experience on British Airways Flight to London

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Essay Preview: Personal Experience on British Airways Flight to London

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As I stepped on to that British Airways flight to London, England I didn't know this

would turn out to be one on the most changing experiences of my life. It started like this after

playing a soccer match with some friends at a local school, we began to look forward to what we

were going to do tonight. So after we got home and took a bath, we called up a few friends and

the plan for the night was chalked out, as we would go to some clubs and other night spots

London is often associated with. Then after confirming were we were going to meet up, we got

dressed up, and left to where we could catch a bus, which would take us to the train station, to

meet the others. After we met up and boarded the train some people from the group started to

talk about how the police would be out in full effect because it is a weekend night and since we

were going to a rough part of the city, we should be careful. But in true fashion everyone just

brushed it aside, not knowing what would happen tonight. So after talking for about half an hour,

we finally reached are stop, which after walking for a couple of minutes would arrive us at our


Then after getting past security who were a couple of my cousin's friends, we started to

dance and talk to the girls that were from around the area which we lived. It though got a little

boring after a couple of hours, so a couple of us said lets go to the bar down the street because it

was suppose to be a great place. Then suddenly as we were about to be leaving the club, some

Pakistani guy throws something at one of my friends which starts a chain reaction, because




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