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Personal Experience Essay

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Got Away!

July 3, 2014, the day she left me. The day she said she loves me. The day I regret not helping her with her problems. I should have said something, but I just let it go. But wait, if you want me to tell this story, I’m gonna tell it right from the beginning.

April 25, 1998, she was born. Rea. Angel Islands, her mother, was in a coma right after the birth of Rea. 2 months in a coma and no one visited or even sent flowers. 2 nurses cared for Rea. Nurse Sanyo and Nurse Mecca. Nurse Sanyo is a young, single, nice, beautiful girl who always wanted kids but she can’t cause she has cancer. Nurse Mecca is 23 with 2 kids, Keyshawn and me, Quishe. On March 6, 1999, Angel was out of the coma and she had no idea that her hometown friend from Chicago was her nurse and raising her baby. Mecca and Angel were best of friends in Chicago. Angel moved to L.A. with her father because your mother died. She was only 13 when all this happen. At the age 19, she got pregnant and her father kicked her out. She worked as a waitress at Hard Rock Café. But, for 9 months she lived in a motel room.

Angel moved in with Mecca and they worked at the hospital together as nurses. Sanyo died last year. Me and Rea didn’t know her as well as Keyshawn did but she was nice person. I remember when Sanyo once told us that “Life is a Gorilla, Wild but Fun, Funny but Serious.” When we were in school Rea just talked about her a boyfriend. I just laugh at her. At school, we just hang with the sporty kids. Rea was good at Cheering and I was good to softball. The Time we hit high school was she scare of losing everything because, her boyfriend (my brother), Keyshawn was in a gang, Angel lost her job, which made them broke. Rea asked Angel to get a job, but she said no. Then, comes the trouble. Rea was on Instagram and saw a video of her and some girl fighting over Keyshawn. Rea won, but another girl didn’t let it go, because she continued to flirt with Keyshawn. Rea just didn’t mind it she let it go because she knew Keyshawn loves her more than anything. 2 years later, Keyshawn died. He got shot. I never felt so empty without him. Rea cried and cried until her eyes turned red. But, my mom took it the hardest. She quit her job and stayed home and made us broke. Me and Rea got jobs.

July 3, 2014, Rea is still a train wreck, but she was very odd today. She was not packing and I just thought she was upset because we were leaving for college, so that means we are leaving our mothers behind here. We were packing to leave tomorrow. Of course, me and Rea applied for the same college, NYU. She walked towards me and said “I LOVE U SO MUCH!” while crying, so I hugged her and said “I love u too.” She let go of me and left for the car. She got in and drove off. July 5, 2014, We should have left for New York already, but she has been missing for 2 days. I was worried and atop of that it was raining like crazy. So I turned on the TV and went to the CNN News and I saw something I wish wasn’t true. On the news, it said “Reashe Islands DEAD from driving off a cliff.” My heart was now broken. In June 2015, I died from early age heart failure. Now I’m in heaven with my brother, Keyshawn, and my best friend, Rea.



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