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Pelosi Case

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Pelosi Case

Ted Ammon was beaten to death in his home on October 21st, 2001. Daniel Pelosi has been accused of murdering Ted Ammon. Pelosi has been labeled the prime suspect because he is the electrician that installed the security surveillance system in Ammon's home which was breached on the day of the killing. The surveillance tapes contain limited video on the day of the killing. The security system was accessed from a remote location via a laptop and was turned off. Only a few people have the access code for the security system and Pelosi was one of them.

The finger also points to Pelosi because he was dating Ammon's wife beginning a few month's prior to the murder. Ammon and his wife, Generosa, were undergoing a divorce that was scheduled to be finalized days after his murder. Witnesses say that Pelosi used to talk about his plan to kill Ammon and marry Generosa, in order to inherit Ammon's money as Ammon was a very wealthy individual. Although witnesses put Pelosi in the shoes of the murderer by pure hear-say, one can assume that not every story heard is absolutely true. One may find it rather suspicious that most of the stories sound awfully similar in nature; as if the stories were pre-meditated prior to making statements.

Three inmates at Suffolk Jail, where Pelosi had served sometime for a DWI charge, stated that Pelosi spoke about how he murdered Ammon and his reasons for doing it. The inmates' statements may be true, but how often will an inmate at a jail help defend a fellow inmate? In other words, what else would you expect to hear from inmates that are making statements from jail?

Another form of evidence are the phone logs that show Pelosi used his cell phone at 1:30am on the night of October 20th, 2001 and the call was not made in the Hamptons area, which is where Ammon resides. This is the same time that Ammon murdered, which would indicate that Pelosi could not have possibly committed the crime.

Ammon is reported to have been attacked with a stun gun prior to being beaten. This points the finger at Pelosi because he has a stun gun. Stun guns are sold all over the internet which could be sold and is sold to anyone that wants one. The fact that Pelosi had a stun gun and Ammon was stunned by a stun gun does not clearly say that Pelosi did it. A Stun gun is a quiet way to take someone down. Many people know this,



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