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Patsy Mink Case

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While heroism in contemporary culture is increasingly scarce, Patsy Takemoto Mink is the epitome of the modern day hero. Her independence, dedication, and determination enable her to make courageous decisions against discrimination of women and minorities.

Patsy's determination is mainly recognized in educational reform, primarily as the author and sponsor of Title IX.This legislation brought academic and athletic equality to American schools and institutes .Title IX is best known for its impact on high school and collegiate athletics, opening many new positions for female athletes. As a strict feminist, Patsy always felt she served a dual role in congress, "I represent my own district, and at the same time, I have to voice the concerns of the total population of women in the country." Overall, Patsy Mink is the ultimate modern hero in women's rights and social reform.

Throughout her career Patsy never let the political state party influence her political agenda, she maintained a political independence from the state party leaders. She advocated a universal healthcare plan that would enable people of all economic backgrounds to get the medical care they needed. Mink defended the liberal agenda she promoted, therefore enabling the poor to be supported by welfare and not forced to take the abusive, lowest paying jobs. Patsy aspired to "make healthcare a right, not a privilege" of the upper class white. Healthcare benefits for the poor and minority groups were greatly helped and improved by Patsy Mink.

Patsy Mink is the archetype of dedication. While Peter Gibbon's article, In Search of Heroes, argues that "We have traded exemplary lives and heroes for information, irony and reality" Patsy is a living contradiction. Her dedication and perseverance in ratifying and passing prohibitions against gender and racial discrimination are the defining attributes of a real hero. Without the willpower

Patsy had, she would never have been able to achieve all she did. She was the first of many things, the first woman of color in congress, a major champion of women's rights, and a leader in education; and that's part of what made her so great.

A modern hero would be someone in the modern era that is distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength. It is progressively harder to find a hero in our society, while paparazzi and biographists look into every aspect



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