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Parents Should Get All the Information

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Parents Should Get All The Information

This is a very controversial topic that needs to be examined very closely with you child's best interest at the heart. I think that parents seem so desperate to want their child to hear and become normal that they are not considering or getting all the information on the topic. I am very much in the middle when I come to this discussion. I think that if depends on the needs and want of the child. This is a very delicate and individual decision for the parents and child to make.

If I were an audiologist I would make sure I gave all the information to the parents in full. I would request that they talk to someone with a cochlear implant before they say yes to the surgery. Also talk to individuals in the Deaf community to get a feel for their culture, opinions, and options offered for the child.

This is some of the information that I would give to the parents so they understand the good and the bad about this type of surgery.


 Restores auditory perception, but its not normal hearing

 Accessibility to language at the critical age for language acquisition if done right away

 Greater ease in high frequency consonant perception,, /sh/, /s/, /f/, /t/, /k/, /p/, /h/

 Distance hearing is likely better than with hearing aids, although FM systems are still needed in classrooms due to noise factor.

 Greater opportunity for natural sounding voice

 Can enable one to hear conversation and thus learn spoken language with relative ease, particularly for those with severe-profound hearing loss

 Avoids problems of acoustic feedback & ear mold issues

 Surgery while invasive is not more invasive than routine operations.

 Access to wider range of education options, social relationships, and easier access through the hearing world as a hearing child would.

 Avoid your child from the possible labels, teasing, and isolation that they might receive from others about being deaf.

 Your child will be able to be aware of different types of sounds, open up communication barriers, and improve you child's English.

 Psychological affects of implants so the family and child you will need to go to counseling.

 Must make sure that the teachers and the parents themselves realize that he is hearing better but not "hearing". Some teachers and parents neglect that the child has a CI, so they can have special educational options ready for the child.

 Despite the huge cost of the surgery there are many organizations and government agencies that can help with the cost.


 Chance the child might not like it when they get older.

 Costs



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