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Other Life Forms

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Other Life Forms (J.Hussey)

The Sphinx and the pyramids could represent a good example of more advanced cultures visiting us for so long, however, there is a lot of speculation surrounding the possibility of life in outer space. It is stupid to think that in this immense universe the unique planet with life is Earth, but on the other hand all the concepts we handle about the Universe have been only proven to us, under our reference frame of knowledge. What about if we are just a group of miscroscopic organisms, living in a small particle in a huge planet ? Open your mind and think about it...Everything is relative. Maybe there are concepts of life different to everything we know...for example, if there is another dimension that we do not know, or to be more real, that we do not see (like time). A whole different kind of life could be living in a mutidimensional system, invisible to us because those dimensions are not part of our world. Maybe the elements that we need to live are not the same needed by other races/ cultures... Why everything has to be understood following our patterns and/or limited knowledge? It is like the comparison between the best quality of life... following the western patterns, a good life is in the city, with all the IT avalaible to our disposition, etc, etc... However, but what about the quality of life of a fisherman in a small town ..Where do we want to escape when the stress is driving us nuts..think, think Who was the best quality of life?... depends upon the evaluation system we use... patterns and paradigms...lets break them and be attentive....maybe the next Alien is closer to you than you might even think...



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