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The organizing function of management is crucial to the success of the overall performance of a business. Each organizational resource depends on an extensive amount of organizing. I have chosen human resources and knowledge resources as my focus for this paper because I believe they are two of the most important resources.

Human resources are the most valuable asset Summa Health System or any business organization can rely on. Human resources consist of the employees who perform the necessary functions to maintain the operation of the organization. Without effective management of the human resources an organization will fail to succeed. The management of human resources is a challenging task, and to be successful managers must successfully perform the management process organizing to ensure the department functions correctly.

Organizing human resources in our department encompasses many tasks. One of the chief operations of organizing is hiring new employees. Management must ensure that we are sufficiently staffed at all times in order to meet the needs of the department, which includes replacing employees who have resigned, promoted or been terminated. Our superiors also delegate tasks when needed by reviewing the needs of the department. Management is aware of the individual strengths and weaknesses of most employees in our department and often delegate based on that. Another important process in organizing is establishing the chain of command. Each employee must know who they report to directly and to which members of management have direct authority over them. Management also coordinates the work distributed to the human resources at their disposal. They try to insure that productivity is nominal through this process by utilizing everyone to their fullest.

Management has outlined extensive resources of the procedures for our department and the policies that should be followed in order to fulfill those procedures. Management also ensures that we have adequate people with the necessary skills to meet the goals of the department. They do this with the sometimes tedious task of scheduling. The process of scheduling entails reviewing the vacation request for each division of our department and determining if we are in danger of being understaffed at any specific period of time. Management also delegates goals to each division of the department to ensure we are meeting the demands of the organization. When doing this management often gives guidelines of how best to meet these goals.

Management also encourages and influences people to accomplish the tasks management has assigned to them. They do this by offering incentives, such as raises and office parties. This helps to create a positive work environment which encourages productivity. An employee who enjoys their work environment is much more likely to excel then someone who does not enjoy their workplace.

Our quality assurance department is an example of management controlling their employees. However, they organize the quality assurance department thoroughly to ensure excellence. Quality assurance reviews randomly selected accounts to generate a random sample of the quality of work an employee is producing. If it is determined that an employee is having reoccurring problems management attempts to address those issues for that individual employee. Management also reviews the productivity of each employee and determines if they are not achieving the goals that have been issued to them. Often there can be logical reasons for an employee underperforming, but at times changes need to be made in order to help that person to meet their goals.

Knowledge resources go hand in hand with human resources. Knowledge resource is the information used by the employees to perform their jobs. This information, like human resources, is an asset to the organization. Without it, the human resources are unable to perform their jobs successfully. The knowledge resource is also known as tacit knowledge, which is the information known/contained



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