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Organizing Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper

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Organizing Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper

Organizational behavior is a group of individuals who work independently toward a purpose. This is what people understand, think, fell and do organizational settings. It's how individuals may be motivated to work together in more effective ways. Organizational behavior to me is for

Organizational culture is the beliefs of individuals within the organization. This is how individuals live, act and define what normal behavior is. Mainly what people do is determined by their culture.

Diversity is people of different gender, race, age and ethnicity. It's easy to be confused about terminology to use with diverse populations. Some of the diverse cultures are African American for blacks, Asian American for Asian, Latino for Latino for male and Latina for female of Latin American. At Bank of America when it comes to diversity we respect and value not only differences related to race, gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation, we also consider diversity viewpoint, experience, individuals talents and their ideas. Bank of America strives to empower all associates to succeed on the job and to reach their full potentials. I'm part of our Diversity Committee at work and we do different functions to make each and every associate aware of others and the different culture within our organization.

Communication is when individuals or groups exchanging information. Communication is a part of our daily lives. Without communication it would be very difficult for someone to get their ideas or thoughts to be known. At my organization without communication we would not be able to perform our jobs. We have to communicate to each other and also to our customers/clients. In my daily job organization is very important. I process loans from beginning to the loan actually closes. My day is very busy from the time I arrive until I leave to go home, that could be very late since my current loan pipeline is over ninety. For me to maintain our production goals and make a profit for the organization I must communicate with my clients.

Organizational effectiveness and efficiency

Organizational learning



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