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Organizational Behavior

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For each of the characters listed below describe the personality dimension from the "big Five" personality dimensions that seems the strongest in this movie and describe their actions or statements that lead you to this decision.

Jean Cabot--D.A.'s wife

Jean Cabot was very neurotic. This is shown when she yells and screams racist and hurtful comments because she is upset. Jean shows she is very angry at everything and everyone. Jean is very sad. Jean is always edgy; she got very upset at her house keeper for not having the dishes in the dishwasher clean for when Jean wakes up.

Peter Waters--Carjacker

Peter Waters is very agreeable. He says what he believes, but then doesn't stand by it much; just ends up giving into whatever Anthony says. He wouldn't hop on the bus after Anthony said the only reason the windows are so big on the buses is To humiliate the people of colour who are reduced to ridin' on 'em.

Maria--The D.A.'s maid

Maria is very agreeable as well. She is also very caring. She came to Jean's assistance when Jean called about falling down the stairs. She stayed late when the D.A.'s car was stole. She never stood up for herself when Jean was being extremely rude. She never hesitated to give Jean a hug.


Daniel is conscientious. He is caring and dependable. He would have to have these qualities to keep his own business operation. His business truck has 24/hr a day service painted on it; this also proves he is very dependable. This was also proven when he didn't 'loose it' when the store owner didn't understand he needed a new door. He is careful, this is shown when he moved to a safer neighbourhood when a bullet went through his daughter's window.



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