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Organizational Behavior Trends

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Organizational Behavior Trends

Understanding the trends in organizational behavior is an important ingredient to posses. By understanding the behavior of a company, it will give insight on how to handle stress and ethics questions within the organization. This paper will examine how ethics influence decision making and the difference between positive and negative influences. This paper will also describe the impact of technology on work related stress and how to use technology its full potential.

Ethics can influence decision-making process in a positive and negative way. A strong moral compos and a strict code of conduct will draw boundary lines in the work place and will provide a positive environment to work in. When ethical people are put in a positive environment, it will provide structure and will influence performance positively. The decision making process involves every employee within the company and it is important to chose people that have a strong belief in doing what is right morally. It is important for managers and supervisors to perform ethically as an example to the other employees. If there is a higher-ranking official that does not do the right thing for the company, that will lead as an example to the other employees that ethics is not important to the company. It is important that when a company is first being developed, that there is a code of conduct or set of rules that are put in place to serve as guidelines for the organization. By doing this, it gives the employees rules to follow and it will show that ethics are important to the company. It is important for a company to give creative freedom to the employees, and by laying down the rules, it gives a boundary to employees so they will do the right thing. When a code of conduct is set up, it establishes procedures to follow, makes it easier for other employees to report unethical behavior, and gets others involved. Rewarding ethical behavior will serve as a positive example to others and will encourage them to perform ethically.

The impact of technology on work related stress must be considered when implementing changes on the staff. Technology has brought much advancement to the workplace within the last twenty years and will continue to improve the way business is done. There are positive and negative influences that technology has on the work force and it is important to know the employee base before implementing new and complex technology. On the positive side, the jobs are being done faster and with more efficiency. This reduces the amount of work that one person has to do and makes the tasks easier to accomplish.



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