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Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts

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Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts

The business world has become very competitive and dynamic, and in order to be successful, organizations must have a good knowledge of their employees. It is important for organizations to learn about the different behaviors, culture, diversity, communication, effectiveness, and the learning styles that make up the organization and its environment. Like the readings state, "People are the organization's most important assets", organizations must learn to value their employees so that when the time comes, employees will do the same for the organization.

Today's world is so diversified, that it is important to learn about organizational behavior and how individuals react in a certain environment. Some people may react differently, depending on the situation they have to deal with or the environment they are in. There are many factors that can cause an individual to react a certain way to certain situations. Learning about the individual's behavior within the organization can help others deal and understand that person's reactions.

Organizations are made up of a diversified group of individuals from different cultures. It is very important for the organization to know or have an understanding of the different cultures that are involved in the workplace. Being in the military and working in a hospital setting, we must learn not only about the employees' culture but also that of our patients, by doing so we can try to provide care to the individual based on his or her needs. Our commanding officer has implemented many policies to make our hospital more customer friendly. One of the policies is to have an interpreter or a way to communicate with someone who can not speak English. A list of the different interpreters and their contact numbers is placed at the information desk, so clinics can call and request an interpreter when the need arises. This has helped health care providers treat the patient and his or her symptoms rather than trying to guess what may be wrong and possibly give the wrong treatments. Language barrier can prevent a doctor from explaining to a patient if anything is wrong or not. Having a translator helps put the patient at ease and it gives them a chance to explain his or her illness better.

We have a diversified workplace and every gets along with each other because we respect each others culture. I believe the hospital has done a great job in promoting and respecting the different cultures. We celebrate the different cultures, such as Asian pacific, African American, and Hispanics. During these celebrations, the different cultures are allowed to show case their foods, dances, and history to the rest of the hospital. This is a good way for everyone to learn about the different cultures that are involved in our organization and helps understand why some individuals do or act a certain way. I think that organizations benefit from having such a diversified group and people from different cultures. This diversified group can give the organizations a competitive edge, because they can give different ideas and help see things from a different perspective. However, these people have to be able to communicate with each other to get the job done.

I believe that communication is the key to understanding an individual and his or her needs. It is important for an organization to have good communication skills both up and down the chain. Whether it is business or personal, one must learn to communicate with people. Communication can be the key to success, but lack there of could mean failure or constantly having to repeat oneself. Communication comes in various forms such as verbal, written, or nonverbal. These are ways that can help us communicate with the people around us.

In order to use any of the communication options, one must try to know a little about the person(s) they are communicating with. Having an understanding of the person's background could help prevent misunderstandings or blurs which may offend the person. It can also help get the point across more clearly.

When communicating with people, we have to be aware of our body language as well. Body language can tell a great deal about a person but it can also be misconstrued by others. On the other



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