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Organization & Service Overview

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Organization & Service Overview

The founders of Williams Coffee Pub Inc. wanted to create a concept where customers would be served immediately and at the same time be able to offer delicious, high quality products in a relaxed and affordable atmosphere. It is this combination that makes Williams Coffee Pub a unique experience in the industry today. In May 2003, two shareholders joined the company to assist in bringing Williams to the next level. With 20 years of food service experience, Dean Braund brought with him a disciplined approach to all areas of the business. After a year as the key stakeholder, multi-unit franchisee and director, Dean stepped up as CEO of Williams Coffee Pub with controlling interest in January 2006. Since the first Williams Coffee Pub opened in Stratford, Ontario in 1993, they have grown and expanded to more than 40 locations.

This relaxing coffee establishment idea needed a name. The terms cafÐ"© and bistro seemed overused and pub implied both food and a gathering place. With that, the term “coffee pub” was established.

Ð'* Williams’s menu is a key focus; they strive to deliver consumer value while offering high quality products with fresh, new choices on an ongoing basis.

Ð'* Their unique counter service, take-out systems and their convenient drive-thru allows guests to choose the method of service best suited to their personal or business schedules.

At Williams, guests place their order at the counter, where they receive their coffee or beverage; take a number with them to a table of their choice and their order is brought to them when it is ready. This “Fast Casual” approach allows their guests a more relaxed atmosphere, without sacrificing prompt service. Each Williams Coffee Pub is a “meeting place”, offering the finest fresh brewed Pub blend coffee вЂ" a custom-blend of Arabica beans from Brazil, Kenya and Costa Rica. Williams’ also offers specialty coffees, gourmet teas, bottled waters, juices and other lifestyles beverages. These are complimented by a broad variety of light, tantalizing meals, delicious soups, sandwiches and decadent desserts.

Every Williams Coffee Pub has its own unique appeal, yet each is consistent with the core principles of their concept, which is the utmost quality in their service



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