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Home Bazaar - Brand Policy of a Service Industry

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Essay Preview: Home Bazaar - Brand Policy of a Service Industry

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Home Bazaar started their journey at October 2007, at Dhanmondi area. At the very beginning the served only egg. Then they started serving meat and vegetables. The company fined out that the particular area has huge demand for these kinds of service. Local market goods are not hygiene. For the perishable goods hygiene issue is very important and the packaging is also important. Now the company does business well in Dhanmondi. The company expands their outlet at Dhanmondi. The company has a reprocessing house in Dhanmondi, where they repackage the product and clean vegetables. They use a delivery van for their daily delivery. Clients used to place order through phone calls. The company also provides any random delivery in 10am to 8pm with 100 BDT for each delivery. The company also planned for few more development on their delivery process.

Mission and Vision:

Home Bazaar desires to build a position on customer's mind by providing them proper home delivery service. This, in a long run will make this service industry to the next level.


Managing Director

General Manager

Public Relation Officer

Brand Manager

Procurement Officer

Finance Officer

Delivery staff

Bill collection staff

In Home Bazaar managing director is the one who sits at the top and manages the business. General Manager assists him by providing info about the company's performance as well as helps managing director to take important decisions. Public relation officer, brand manager, procurement officer n finance officer are the ones who works for their respective departments to support the general manager. At the bottom of the Organogram there the staffs who delivers n collects bills under procurement n finance officer respectively.

Develop Positioning Statement:

Target market delivery service is not much popular in our country. Now a days office going people are so busy with their jobs that they need a helping hand who can buy daily commodity for them. Home Bazaar's target these people who are too busy with their daily life and willing to pay more if they get their goods at home.

User People who are in the middle class and above category are the users of this service.

Product category Home Bazaar is going to provide people their daily commodity whatever they need.

Business category The Company is a service oriented company and will provide customers home delivery of the commodities at their door steps.

Key features people will get their daily commodities at their door for which they have to go to the malls or local markets regularly so that they don't need to spend time in the local bazaars or super markets.

Competitive advantage We assure consumers hygiene products with JIT and also have the first mover advantages with it.

Positioning Statement:

For the people who are working, those who are busy with their job and have very little time to buy their daily needs. Home Bazaar is the service company of daily commodities that provides Just in Time delivery of daily needs with assurance of hygiene.

Brand Association:

In brand association the brand name is used as a tool to communicate with its consumer. It is important that consumers extract the explicit n implicit meaning from the brand name. Home bazaar is a name which makes people feels that that bazaar is at your home.

Brand Logo:

A Brand's logo represents its identity. From the above Logo of Home Bazaar we used bright colors to attract the customers. The images communicate about the service we are delivering. At the bottom of the logo we gave a tag line which gives an idea of the company and its commitment to meet consumer's demand.


Integrated marketing:

Integrated marketing is the executed plan of the company's marketing activities, in a way that is consistent across all of your customer contacts and creates more value.

For Home Bazaar integrated marketing we provide consumers zip-lock packaging to assure the safety issue of the product, which adds some extra values. We provide just in time delivery too as integrated marketing program.

Personalizing marketing:

For the rapid expansion of the internet and continued fragmentation of mass media has brought the need for personalized marketing in a sharp focus. For this reason Home Bazaar introduced one to one marketing where we deal with each customer separately and try to make an attachment with each of them.

Product strategy:

As Home Bazaar is a service company they have to put more emphasis on brand intangibilities. Provided the commodities have to be up to the mark in terms of quality. They provide JIT delivery and assure hygiene of the delivered products.

Price strategy:

Under the banner of Home Bazaar, we are basically a service provider. Our main intention is to penetrate in a specific niche market. Specialty service through niche marketing, an organization can maximize its profit. These segments of customer group are eager to pay higher amount of money for the added value to full-fill their needs. Our target customers are basically busy working people, by default they are not price sensitive. They do not have enough time for shopping.

As we set up our mind to provide supreme quality product. In order to collect those quality goods, we have to pay a handsome amount of money to our ultra supplier. So it is obvious that we have to charge higher price then local market. If we charge more than the local retail outlet than it will send a message to our customer group and definitely it will create an impact on their perception. We charge higher than the local market for our extra added values like re-packaging.

Channel or Distribution strategy:

For Home Bazaar value chain we have only primary activities. Customer demanded products are our inbound logistics then we process those products like make ready those products for delivery and then package the product in a



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