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Only Time Will Tell

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Only Time Will Tell

By Jeffery Archer

At the back of the book it says "The Clifton Chronicles is Jeffery Archer's most ambitious work in four decades as an international bestselling author" this is largely justified. It could not get any better for me. Only time Will Tell is the first book of the five book saga by Jeffery Archer. A quick and an interesting read is what to expect from a book, this book takes one beyond that. I've never been a fan of Archer but I can't wait for the next instalment.

The protagonist of the story is Harry Clifton. It is set in the era when there were repercussions of the Great War and the Second World War was about to break in. The book commences with the mental voice of Massie Clifton dreading the day she had the urge to cross all limits. Out of sheer nervousness and complete stupidity she slept with another man right before marrying another. Now that is just tragic, talking about the 20th century, ironic isn't it? Women during that era were supposed to have their ethics together in a bunch. After Massie's marriage to Arthur Clifton, she gives birth to Harry.

Harry was told his father was killed in a war, the truth to that, is a mystery until further in the novel. Arthur dies in the hull of a ship after the welders unknown of the fact that he is inside weld and close the hull, like a living grave which is humanly impossible.

Harry is a very spontaneous boy, he despises school but loves to go to the docks and explore, and it is there he meets Old Jack Tarr a character which is said to be based on two or three real life people. Very enigmatic and inspiring he is the one who encourages harry to go to school and do further studies. Harry joins the choir and is real good at it. He is put up to a scholarship later in his life in a hip school he could never afford. Bullied he makes his way through high school with best friend Giles Barrington who is the son of Hugo Barrington, Harry's biological father! And Deakins his friend althrough his school life. At the heart, you see, there is a conundrum: is Harry his father's son? Or is he the illegitimate son of a shipping magnate? The Plot has drama. Period.

Mystery, romance, comedy, action and many other things accompany the ups and downs of Harry Clifton's life. Most of the book is a joyride. Archer brings one to genuinely care for the characters and feel for them in a heart pounding way during perils. The book uses a first-person narration which is rather annoying as the "first-person" constantly keeps changing and the events overlap and is often retold by another character. There are many twists and turns in this book. At times the author takes a comical road.

The house master to Harry, Mr. Frobisher says, "By the way Harry... I've just read your essay on Jane Austen, and I was fascinated by your suggestion that if Miss Austen had been able to go to university, she might never have written a novel, and even if she had, her work probably wouldn't have been so insightful.'" Sometimes it's an advantage to be disadvantaged,' said Harry.

'That doesn't sound like Jane Austen,' said



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