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Time Management Strategies

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Time Management Strategy

A problem within ones' daily life that most are acquainted with and can be related to easily would be "time management." As with many within society time is a factor within the day(s), week(s), or month(s). This is not taking into account being a single parent with a full-time job, and goes to school full-time. For those in this category the effectiveness of using time management will be key to solving the issues, tasks, assignments, duties, and daily routine that go along with combining or juggling more than one major obstacle in a day. In order to help one solve these types of problems associated with time management one could use a wide variety of techniques or processes.

Solving the Problem: Techniques

There are many strategies or techniques in which one can employ, develop, or use to strengthen the balance between time and life. As described by Study Guides and Strategies (2010), the development of time management and the skills needed is a long road (¶ 1). Effective time management techniques are used in all aspects of life including job, home, school, and social life.

The first step is to decide which of the many steps would best benefit his or her lifestyle and represent the best outcome or conclusion to the problem. One can start with implementing a calendar or planner for the daily activities. A small "to-do list" will help aid in the mornings with keeping up with the tasks for the day. Additionally, using the planner to jump ahead during the week or month will aid in taking care of the major plans, dates, or appointments that have been set prior. A long term planner could also be instated if one has the ability to plan that far ahead; in doing so one can also be more constructive when planning time or his or herself. Another step one can use is the use of proper organization. This is key; the use of planning and goal setting in ones' life. If one is unable to become organized, then he or she is unable to follow through or properly set or maintain the planning of time, and the reaching of the goals set in place. Time management is a goal that many seek, and without organization one will not find the resolve to such a problem. In doing so (organizing) one is ensuring that the planning they set in place will in fact be insured or protected in a sense (Time Management Techniques and Systems, 2009).

It is found that by following any of the above mentioned steps or techniques one will greatly improve the amount of time in his or her daily tasking or long term management of time (Time Management Techniques and Systems, 2009, ¶ 2). The key to any major problem is commitment to start, and the commitment to change ones' usual practices (Time Management Techniques and Systems, 2009). By allowing room for change one will enable the opportunity to introduce such impulses to plan, prioritize, delegate, control, and identifying with his or her self and



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