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Online Internet Searchings

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As of today internet online searching has become every person's habit and necessity of life. But we tend to forget that we left our tracks of identity over the internet. How safe would this be for every individual who use internet searches. Almost every person now uses online searching taking from daily grocery to buying a house or a car. Online searches bring them everything from around the globe to their doorstep. As the article "Will you let them store your dreams?" published in Newsweek by Steven Levy states "Web encourages us to quest away-whether we're researching a car purchase, puzzling out some medical symptoms, wondering what happened to an old friend or (gasp) groping for erotica". This statement shows how important the internet searching has become in our daily lives. But, what we don't know is we left our marks over the internet into the hands of the search companies. And companies who make these searches possible are making tremendous progress and achieving great success.

I am software professional who works for a company which develops applications for mostly Oil companies, Medical Companies and Mobile technology. Now, as a person I don't know anything about this companies. I don't know how they work? I don't know what software or applications they use? Will my company be able to make the applications which could be useful to them? To learn about this companies trades, procedures and business. I either have to visit the company to see there business and procedure and much more. Mostly they don't allow as per their policies and regulations. Or I can get information from the books, for which I have to go to a library or any huge book store. Or I can sit right at my desk and search it on internet. Considering all time and energy consuming I will rather choose internet searching. But I left my searches over the internet. I don't know how safe is it to my project am working on, or my identity or my company's identity. According to the article "Will you let them store your dreams" America On¬line temporarily released the search history of thousands of customers for the use of re¬searchers, those reflections can be retained by search compa¬nies-and, ultimately, exposed. Without research there is no development. And if they don't keep the search history it's hard for them to find what people are looking for? What they need? Without knowing this it's



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