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Online Innovation

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Project overview:

There is a great need for a full service and price competitive on-line meat shop. At this point, we may explain our company nature before and after go online like from "Blick and Mortar" to "Click and Mortar"? If we combine this need being met with the feel of shopping at a real "home town" meat shop our competitive advantage will be far greater than that of our competitors.

There are very few alternatives for on-line meat shops. There are notch stores such as that ships bison meat at a premium and targets only a small demographic. Also, there are full product providers like However there prices are wildly out of line compared to a "home town meat shop." Should we emphasize our low cost of operation and production, which cause our low price offered?

It is clear the on-line community is underserved in this area and it is evident that there is much room for growth and profitability in the on-line meat market industry.

Value proposition:

What we propose is a partnership with local meat shops in the US to achieve maximum shipping savings and product quality. Is this partnership including Delivery Service Company? Since we'll offer free shipping to customers, we may need to mention about long term relationship or contract with Delivery Company. Practically, we won't survive if we need to pay high for each shipment, isn't it? We believe that we can offer the same meats at the same price as walking into the store and picking it off the shelf by offering subscriptions to our customers and creating a commission based service fee to the vendors. The subscriptions and commissions from the vendor (individual customer?) would be our revenue. The vendor would profit by name recognition on the site, increased sales from on-line purchases, and only pays in return for sales.

Since we will be working with a "home town meat shop" we will have a competitive bundle of satisfactions. How?

We plan to include a forum and chat rooms for consumers to engage in "home town" dialog as well as leave feedback on branding and product ideas. It is apparent this will increase brand recognition and customer loyalty. What CRM? Delivery tracking service (we can



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