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One Week Power Blackout in San Jose City.

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Essay Preview: One Week Power Blackout in San Jose City.

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One Week Power Blackout in San Jose City

Tsiyon Afework

Evergreen Valley College


       Electricity plays a significant role in the quality of life for everyone every day, including those in San Jose. Human life depends heavily on electricity, especially in developed and industrialized countries. Communication around the world relies on electrical power. In America, the government and private sector is run on electricity, which means that economic growth is driven by electrical power. Without electrical power, I believe nothing can exist. The impact of a one-week power blackout in San Jose would be devastating to businesses, stores, public services, and people’s daily lives. However, there are solutions to address these issues and reduce the negative effects of the blackout.

The impact of a Blackout on San Jose’s Businesses

        San Jose is located in Santa Clara County, the heart of Silicon Valley and is a major hub to the most influential technology firms in the world. To mention a few, Google, Yahoo, and eBay are mainly located in San Jose. These businesses depend on electrical power. Without electricity, all these businesses would shut down and it would significantly affect the city’s economy, as well as the entire country. The computers and operating systems would shut down and all the data may be lost. Also, the power blackout can affect the work of the government and private industries, in addition to an individual’s life. In the modern world the majority of people cannot work without power, this would affect a family’s livelihood because if they don’t work, they will not be paid.  It will be useful by using solar system and generators. ( not the same subject)

The Impact of a Blackout on San Jose Stores

        The stores in San Jose use computers and operating systems to serve the community. Without power, machines will not work and the operating system can be damaged. It may also be challenging to conduct store inventory and locate items. As we see in the stores, many groceries  are preserved in a refrigerator to keep the food healthy and fresh. During a blackout, the refrigerator is not working, resulting in the foods becoming spoiled. It may be difficult to sell and eat these goods. This can affect the business of the store. To address this problem an option is to use a generator and solar system as mentioned previously.

The Negative Outcomes of a Blackout on Public Services in San Jose

         Electrical power plays a significant role in public services. To list a few: public transportation, telecommunications, the court system, education, emergency services. Emergency services such as fire, ambulance, and law enforcement can function without electrical power, but it is extremely difficult. Hospitals also cannot provide emergency and routine care for their patients without a backup generator. This is because without electricity, the hospital’s operating system will shut down and diagnostic imaging such as x-rays, CT scans, and other devices cannot work. Public services must have more available generators to address the needs of the community during a blackout.



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