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A one-Week Blackout in San Jose

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Essay Preview: A one-Week Blackout in San Jose

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Nguyen Lai



A one-week blackout in San Jose

        Blackouts during the last ten years in Europe and Northern America  have demonstrated an increasing likelihood of supra-regional blackouts with accompanying large economic losses. The earthquake, tsunami damage and power shortages thousands of Japan’s factories in 2011.  A similar situation could occur as a result of a larger power outage and this risk may further increase in the future. One-day, what would you thought if San Jose would have had a one-week power blackout. You will have a lot of difficulties to live even to survive.

        A brownout - reduced voltage , of some minutes or a similar blackout- complete failure of electricity supply , may cause some inconvenience at home such as having the lights turn off, you can’t use the phone or cook something to eat. But a blackout of a few hours or even several days would have a significant impact on our daily life and the entire economy. In addition, the heating and water supply would stop and production processes and trading would cease. These effects just for your hours. Your daily lives would have to change to deal with the blackout. Furthermore, blackout will be effect on businesses, stores and public service. For the majority of people living in “ modern “ communities, especially, San jose is very common technologies. You couldn’t get money from a bank. Hospitals would likely be unable to operate at normal levels. Most of hospitals have backup power system, but those usually rely on fossil fuels, which might not be available if the electrical systems that run the pumps and distribution system fail. Those usually rely on fossil fuels, which might not be available if the electrical systems that run the pumps and distribution system fail. You couldn’t cook your food. However, some people say to me “ Cooking use gas instead of electricity”,   As far as I understand, it’s all distributed through electrically managed systems. You couldn’t fill your car with fuel and most transportation would cease. Commerce as we know it would essentially cease – it would be virtually impossible to buy anything, anywhere. For example, you can’t go Target, Walmart or Costco to buy something you need. You will be crazy when you live with power blackout. So what’s a person to do? Start small, and build from there. Sit down and make a list of how your life would be affected should such an event occur. Buy some emergency supplies.  Plan for cooking and warmth.  Learn how to grow sprouts. Upgrade your first aid training.  Buy a bike and trailer.  Get to know your neighbours. I think you will be okay if you follow these step. So you can survive to pass over them.



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