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Office 123 Premium

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Executive Summary 3

Application Definition 4

User Criteria 4

User Impacts 5

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Executive Summary

Office-1-2-3 Premium is an affordable office suite for small businesses and home office users that are looking for all that an office suite has to offer, for a fraction of the price. Office-1-2-3 Premium's direct competitor is Microsoft Office. It has all that Microsoft has, plus more. It is a stand alone office suite. You do not need any other programs in order to run it successfully. But it can also run alongside many other programs without any problems. It is easy to install and very user friendly. It can run on Windows and is compatible with many of the programs included in Microsoft Office. What is most attractive about Office-1-2-3 Premium is the price. The current retail price for Office-1-2-3 Premium is $49. But before deciding to buy it, you can download it and try it for free.

Office-1-2-3 Premium is not only for the English speaking consumer. It installs in 30 of the worlds most popular languages. You do not need to buy a separate version. Upon installation you can choose the language you prefer. Many of the languages include a spelling dictionary and voice synthesis (Easy-To-Use).

Office-1-2-3 Premium currently has 3 million users all around the world. E-Press Corporation, the company that manufactures Office-1-2-3 Premium, realizes that most consumers are familiar with Microsoft Office. Therefore, many of the applications in Office-1-2-3 look similar to the applications in Microsoft Office. The company also realizes that many computer users have older versions of Microsoft Office, so they have built in plenty of support for such instances (Tucker). If you are familiar with Microsoft Office, then you will have no problem navigating through Office-1-2-3 Premium. With all of the features that Office-1-2-3 has to offer, it's no wonder that so many small businesses are choosing Office-1-2-3 Premium over Microsoft Office.

Application Definition

There are two types of software: system software and application software. As defined in Discovering Computers 2006, A Gateway to Information, "application software consists of programs designed to make users more productive and/or assist them with personal tasks" (Cashman, et al., 134). Office-1-2-3 Premium would be categorized as such. It is an office suite that is comprised of many applications that a user needs to be productive and/or effectively run a small business. The most popular applications included in Office-1-2-3 Premium are word processor software (EasyWord), spreadsheet software (EasySpreadsheet), presentation software (EasyPresentation), bookkeeping software (EasyBookkeeper), database software (EasyDatabase), and email (EasyMail). Similar programs are included in Microsoft Office. However, Office-1-2-3 also includes software not available in Microsoft Office, such as a voice recognition software, full zip program, PDF file creation and EasyCalculator (Office-1-2-3 Premium, by Office-1-2-3), to name a few.

Many of the applications included in Office-1-2-3 Premium are completely compatible with Microsoft Office. Even if you have Microsoft Office on your computer, Office-1-2-3 can peacefully coexist with Microsoft and other industry standards. Office-1-2-3 can read and write most Word and Excel files (Dennis). The presentation and spreadsheet software can support both XLS and PPT formats and can save into them so that other people who might have Microsoft Office can open them. You don't have to do any file conversions or install plug-ins (Tucker).

User Criteria

Office-1-2-3 Premium is designed for small office/home office (SOHO) and personal home users. It is attractive to SOHO users, because of the very low cost. Currently, Microsoft office is selling for $449.00 for small businesses, not including licensing costs and annual maintenance fees (Small Business). The standard edition of Microsoft Office for personal use is $239.00 (Standard Edition). Since Office-1-2-3 can do the majority of what Microsoft can for much less and is completely compatible, many small business users will opt for Office-1-2-3.

It is also attractive to SOHO users because it meets the users' requirements. Office-1-2-3 is able to produce professional documents, such as typed documents, spreadsheets, maintain bookkeeping and staying connected through email.

User Impacts

In order to run Office-1-2-3 Premium successfully, there are certain system requirements. It has already been established that Office-1-2-3 can run on Windows and alongside Microsoft Office without any problem. The main versions of Office-1-2-3 Premium programs run well at the 400 MHz speed with 64MB of RAM (Compatibility). The following definitions will better explain what that means:

MHz stands for megahertz. Some manufacturers state access times in MHz. "Access time is the amount of time it takes the processor to read data, instructions, and information from memory". You can convert megahertz to nanosecond ("one billionth of a second") by dividing the megahertz number into 1 billion. "The higher the megahertz, the faster the access time" (Cashman, et al., 203).

MB stands for megabyte, which is equal to approximately 1 million bytes. A "byte (character) is the basic storage unit in memory" (Cashman, et al., 197)."




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