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Nursing Descipline Essay

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In our modern world, it might sound paradoxical and quite abnormal to have the heart of courage to be a nurse. The discipline necessitates hard work from those who undertake it. Worse still, the tension of working with sick and people in pain is extremely challenging. Nonetheless, nursing has been my dream since my first day in school. From the many reasons why  I want to be a registered nurse,  key among them is that I  not only love but also have the heart of being around people in their times of need. It's my internal satisfaction seen that all that need help are well served and taken care of. Besides, in my early years of education, on the long road of academic endeavor, I have always had my eyes and focus set on to the roles of a nurse. Over the years, time and again, I imagine myself carefully and artistically aiding those very in need, perhaps sick or injured. Vividly, I visualize the personal satisfaction of seeing myself as a committed nurse. I can only imagine changing and touching people’s souls at their times of need.

Secondly, just like any other kid, I grew up with a dream. A dream that I always knew would be valid someday. The dream of being a nurse. I strongly believe that the curative to most of the illnesses and ailments is never just based on the medicine but on the basis of the tender care, attention, and concern that the patients receive in the various hospitals. In general, I believe that I have all it takes, to work as a nurse. For these reasons, I would greatly appreciate being a registered nurse.

personally, I have a broad range of accomplishments. I always acknowledge and appreciate my achievements in my personal endurance, perseverance, and growth. Probably, one of the most notable accomplishment was realized at a voluntary work at an health care close to my home place. What made it luminary for me, was that I was actually absorbed in as a worker from being a casual volunteer. Reasonably, I had developed specific skills In which I aided to a greater extent the patients in the hospital. They all had positive remarks about me. Many of course recovered successfully. In most cases, when there was a significant problem, I always had a solution. So notable were my ideas to common ailment solutions, that the head doctor approached me. I was offered a full-time job In which I had to step up to care for the ill in most occasions.

To me, this was definitely critical. Specifically, because ever since I have had tremendous growth in caring for the sick alongside the administration of first aid. In my opinion, life is like a work in progress and that all the moments, the huge monumental ones and the seemingly smaller ones, all make a better me.

I am endowed with various qualities that would make me a good registered nurse. First, compassion is a quality that I uphold in every occasion. I have an in-depth awareness of anyone suffering. This is without judgment. I believe that my compassion as a nurse would help lessen patient’s suffering and that as nurses we have the responsibility to show compassion to every patient irrespective of their differences.



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