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Nursing Case

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I chose the article "Osha and Needlesticks" because it is closely related to me

As a nurse I whole heartedly agree with the Occupational Safety and Health Act

regarding needle sticks. Health care workers have been affected by needle

sticks and contracting HIV and Hepatitis C. Many health care workers have

become infected with HIV as a result of their work. Main cause of infection is

exposure to HIV-infected blood via a percutaneous injury (i.e. needlesticks, bites,

instruments). The average risk for HIV transmission is about 3 per 1000 injuries.

This doesn't seem to be a big number but when you think of the people that it

affects and their families it is too big. There was a lab tech that was stuck by a

needle from a HIV + patient and less than a year later the lab tech was infected

with HIV and then years later she had a baby and the baby was tested positive

for HIV. Looking at this article it had different occupations that have affected by

HIV. Nursing ranked at the top of the list. The development of single-use

disposable injection equipment and the needleless system has been a great

improvement in order to cut down on the number of needle stick exposure. It is

important to document all needle sticks and the persons that have been

subjected to HIV or Hepatitis C. This provides other health care workers insight

to our job and to take the appropriate precautions, such as never recap dirty

needles, wear protective equipment such as gloves and possibly double gloving.

Also it can provide upper management information as to improve education and




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