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Noah Webster by Elaine Cunningham

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Noah Webster was written by Elaine Cunningham. This Biographical Novel takes place mostly in Hartford, Connecticut. This book has 176 pages.

This book is about Noah Webster. When Noah was five years old, all he wanted to learn was to read. Noah was so curious, and wanted to know everything. From the time he was small, he always wanted to go to a school. One day his brother, Abram, got home, and he got hit with a stick by the schoolmaster because didn’t know the answer to a question. Noah wanted to learn how to read, but he didn’t want to get hit every time he didn’t know a question. No matter what, he still wanted to read!

One day, it was time for Noah’s first day of school. While he was at school, he met a girl named Sarah. Noah seemed to have liked the little girl. Noah liked his first day, but was disappointed that they didn’t get to read. His mom, Mercy Webster, said that one day he would learn how to read. Once he started reading, he would read until his eyes hurt! When he was 17, he went to a college called Yale. He ended up meeting a lot of new friends including his roommate, Oliver. Noah and Oliver became very good friends.

A lot of people were talking about the war. At college, the students would train hours for the war. Noah wanted to help to fight the British, but decided not to. In December, their was a shortage of food for a while, which made many people sick, including Noah! Noah had smallpox. Soon, he gets much better than he was.

One time, Noah was going to ask Sarah to marry him. He heard that she was already going to get married. So he asked another girl to marry him, and turned him down. Later, Noah goes to a house and met a beautiful woman named, Rebecca. They walked with each other, and that night Noah asked Rebecca to marry him. Rebecca said yes. Noah had many jobs, and later had a idea to write a new dictionary. It took him twenty-five years to write it. Rebecca had many children, but unfortunately, two died. On May 21, 1843 Noah Webster died. Four years later, Rebecca died June 25, 1847. Noah met a few famous people, such as, George Washington and Ben Franklin. Noah Webster’s dictionary became even more popular after his death. If Noah could return back to earth, he could write thousands of more words, each word by hand.

This book is a great biography book, maybe even one of the best!



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