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Noah Webster a Man Who Loved Words

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Essay Preview: Noah Webster a Man Who Loved Words

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Noah Webster A Man Who Loved Words

By: Elaine Cunningham

Noah Webster was written by Elaine Cunningham. The publisher was A Beka Book. The literary style is biography and the book has147 pages. The story took place in Hartford, Connecticut.

Noah Webster is the main character. When Noah was a boy he loved words so much that he wrote a dictionary at the age of 30. When Noah was little boy he looked liked a pioneer boy he had orange hair. He loved reading which made him different from other boys. He asked a lot of questions. When Noah was an adult he liked to travel. He went to New Haven, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

When he was little his father worked at the farm and his mother cooked at home. Noah had three brothers and sisters. Two of them got married, Abraham and Jerusha . He started school at the age of 5. He liked school, but he was disappointed that they did not learn to read. Noah liked to read many books, like the Pilgrim Progress. His mother gave him the Almanac to read. After the boys were 10 years old they only went to school in the winter and in the spring they have to work at the farm. Noah worked on the farm when he was a teenager.

A man named Mr. Perkins started tutoring Noah. He asked Noah if he liked to read and Noah said "Yes, sir, I do." Mr. Perkins said that Noah is ready to go to college at Yale. Noah's father said that he can't afford to go to college. Noah's parents saved money for him to go to Yale. Noah and Pa walked all the way to Yale by foot. When they arrived at Yale, they saw a man walking toward them, he said "Welcome to Yale, I'm the president of Yale. Let me show you around." They saw the cafeteria, the dining hall, and the buttery. When Noah got his room- key, he had a roommate name Oliver Wolcott, Noah introduced himself. They unpacked their bags.



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