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No Talking Essay

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        I Ricky Knight, Jr. should not talk in class because I realize the talking hurts the students around me that are trying to get their education and learn. I believe that everyone can come together for 50-55 minutes and at least try to keep the talking to a minimum. The definition to the word talk is to speak in order to give information or express ideas or feelings; converse or communicate by spoken words. A few synonyms to the word talk are speak, chatter, gossip, babble, and blather. This form of communication called talking is a good thing to use in certain situations, but in a classroom is where this communication does not belong. Talking is something that we were taught how to do since were babies and still to this day are learning new words, but this is still not a reason for us to be talking in class. In the state of Georgia talking and disrupting a student’s learning activity is a violation of the law and is considered illegal. I am sure that if the state saw the amount of talking we did in our schools we all get locked up. In my opinion talking is something great, this form of communication can make you laugh, smile, get angry, and even cry but in the end talking is still something we should not do in class. Another reason we should not talk in class is because teachers get tired of saying Johnny be quiet and Susan shut up, but that does not even work. So many teachers have to resort to sometimes calling people out on it, and embarrassing the person, to even calling home to their parents. Teachers may say they do not like doing these things to their students, but this is the only way to get a student’s attention and actually get them to learn. Many teachers in the end want what’s best for all of their students, but student’s do not recognize this, and maybe even take advantage of this. The students around us all have the ability to learn and use their brain, but many students just do not use the brain that God gave them. Instead these students get bad grades, get in trouble, and the most important do not learn. I have heard teachers and adults always tell me that people in third world countries would die just to get in the same building and have the ability to learn with such advanced technology that they do not have in their countries. This is why we should just sit down, listen, and pay attention and just not talk, so that everyone gets the same opportunity for learning. I am not saying cut the talking to complete zero, but at least have the mercy for the people who want to learn and go on to do something bigger and great in life. Talking is something that almost everyone has the ability to do, but some do not know when to talk and when to just be quiet and stay attentive.



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