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Native Indian Population of North America

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Essay Preview: Native Indian Population of North America

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On the Peyote Road is in my opinion an impression less short story that attempted to bring light to the practical use of the mescaline cactus peyote within the native Indian population of North America. In no way was I enlightened anymore than before reading that the use of peyote in or out of religious practices is a negative or positive benefit. What I read was simply a timeline of events of an Indian subject of interest for the writer whom shared a few war memories and about a portion of his family, very little experience of actual using of mescaline and no detail of the results. What I expected from the time taken out to read this was experiences from administration of mescaline and the growth those had gained from its use. What I gained was very little knowledge of the existence of a legal battle for the free use of the drug for religious persons by the native American peoples.

If peyote itself is such a powerful positive influencer in the Navajo people I would like to know more from that perspective and the evidence of those “cured” of their ailments, how their lives are bettered now and the view those have of life itself from that time of medicating forward. Have these uses of peyote permanently “fixed” those whom have turned to it? Have there been examples of bad or worsening ailments since administration? This article did not address such issues.

Being a psychedelics user in my experimentation days, I am aware and capable of much more information than this article possibly attempted to provide. Although I will not go to far into detail, I can say from personal experience that the use of psychedelic, mind altering drugs can change an individual’s perception of life, open doorways to new ideas and a broader idea of one’s personal existence within this universe. These mind-altering substances can be a bad experience for some of those whom administer to themselves.



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